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Thank you for purchasing our theme!
We are confident that you’ll love the Writee’s vast feature options and clean design.
Please read carefully this Documentation file for any questions or issues you may be experiencing

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Thanks so much!

Fonts on our Demo

1/ Main demo:
Font for heading title: Poppins, Medium 500, 30px
Font for body text: Raleway, Normal 400, 13px, Line height:1.5

2/ Lifestyle:
Font for heading title: Maven Pro, Medium 500, 25px
Font for body text: Maven Pro, Normal 400, 14px, Line height:1.5

3/ Food:
Font for heading title: Poppins, Medium 500, 25px
Font for body text: Raleway, Semi-bold 600, 13px, Line height:1.5

4/ Decor:
Font for heading title: Poppins, Blod 700, 36px, Letter Spacing -1px
Font for body text: Poppins, Normal 400, 14px, Line height:1.5

5/ Travel:
Font for heading title: Raleway, Normal 400, 24px
Font for body text: Lora, Normal 400, 14px, Line height:1.5

6/ Fashion:
Font for heading title: Lora, Normal 400, 24px
Font for body text: Raleway , Normal 400 , 14px , Line height : 1.5

7/ Barber:
Font for heading title: Oswald, Normal 400, 35px
Font for body text: Lato , Normal 400, 13px, line height 1.5

8/ Wedding:
Font for heading title: Amatica SC, Normal 400, 36px
Font for body text: Raleway , Normal 400 , 14px , Line height : 1.5

Installing WordPress

WordPress is easy to install. Many hosting services provide one click WordPress installation.

5 min WordPress installation Guide

Once you have installed WordPress please follow the steps mentioned below:



From where can I download the theme files and updates?

You can download the theme files form My Account >> Downlaods


  1. WordPress upload
  2. FTP upload: Using your FTP program[e.g. Filezilla]

Theme install via WordPress:
Navigate to Appearance > Themes > Add > Upload. Go to browse, and select the zipped file. Hit Install Now and the theme will be uploaded and installed.


  1.  Log into your hosting space via an FTP software.
  2.  Unzip the file and only use the extracted Writeepro theme folder.
  3. Upload the extracted Writeepro theme folder into wp-content > themes in your WordPress installation.
  4. Go to Appearance > Themes and activate the installed theme.

or you can check out:

WordPress theme installation guide

Saving Permalinks

After installing and activating this theme, navigate to Settings > Permalink settings. This is where you can change your permalink structure. After selecting the format you would like to use, click the save button.




So you can import all theme demo content with one click (posts, pages, products, categories, menus, sample images, sliders, and plugins configurations).

Go to Appearance >> Import Demo Data


Just import your favorite theme Demo with one click on your website.

Once you get the Successful message You are ready to go!!

Please note that theme data does not have real images from our demo, all demo images are downloaded from . You need to change demo images to your own real images.

If you don’t import dummy data you must create theme pages and menus manually.

PLugin Installation

Writee offers a single required and a few recommended plugin which can come handy.

Kindly activate the required plugin i.e. Kriki to gain full access to the Pro features

License Activation

Note: This step is not for the user who has purchased Writee Pro from Mojo Market Place or Creative Market. 

Writee Pro comes with a license code which is required* to activate the theme.

Where can I find the Licence key?
Go to >> My Account >> Orders >> Click “License Manage”

How to activate the theme?

Go to WordPress Dashboard >> Appearance >> Writee License



Creating a Post

To create a post, go to WordPress Dashboard > Posts > Add New.
Select your post type from the right sidebar Format Options. Based on POST selection you will get some extra options, using which you can add your desired data.

If desired content (quote, link, gallery, embedded media) for a particular post format does not appear in its content, the post will act as if it was standard.
Writee Pro Support different post formats:

  • Standard,
  • Gallery (Carousal)
  • Gallery (Justified)
  • Video (YouTube & Vimeo)
  • Video (Self-hosted)
  • Audio (Sound Cloud)
  • Audio (Self-hosted)
  • Quote
  • Link

Every Post has these General Settings :


  • Select Layout: With the help of this option you can select the post view style (i.e. left sidebar, right sidebar or no sidebar) for the current post. If no value is selected it will pick the global sidebar setting in Writee Options > Blog settings
  • Show Excerpt: You can Turn the excerpt off for the particular post


Standard Post



A standard post is the default post type. You can add text and images to your post using the Editor box.
WRITEE STANDARD POST STYLE (only work in standard Layout)

  • Post View Style: With this option, you can select how to display Featured Image (i.e. on the top, left or right side) in Standard Layout.


Link Post



A link to another site, just enter the URL you want to highlight in LINK POST SETTING option and select a Featured image for the URL.

Check out the Writee Pro demo for the Link post style:

Example of a Link post:


Gallery Post



There are two Gallery Styles for images.

  1. Justified Gallery: Display the Group Image in an Adjustable grid format. Example of Justified Gallery:
  1. Carousel Gallery: Display the images in carousel. Example of Carousel Gallery:


Quote Post



Just select the QUOTE format and enter the Quote and Author Name


Video Post

Writee Pro offers following Video option for Video Post


Example of Self Hosted Video:

Ex. Of Embedded Video :


Audio Post

Pro options for Audio post

Ex. Of Audio Post : 


Adding a featured image

A featured image represents your blog post, which is displayed on the blog at different places like Slider, Menu, and Widgets. So assigning a featured image to every blog post is very important.
Note: Once you are done with the post don’t forget to choose a category for the post, add some tags to the post which will be helpful in search of the post.




Creating a Page

To create a new page, navigate to WP Dashboard > Pages > Add New
Like a post, you can enter a page title, add content, and assign a featured image.

They are commonly used for about and contact pages.

You can choose page templates via the drop-down menu on the right titled “Template“:


Template Writee Pro offers:
  • Author List (Using this template can show all the authors profile on a single page)
  • Page Fullwidth
  • Page with Left Sidebar
  • Page with Right Sidebar

Once you’ve published your new page, it will not automatically appear in your main menu.





  1. From the ‘Appearance’ menu on the left-hand side of the Dashboard, select the ‘Menus’ option to bring up the Menu Editor.
  2. Select Create a new menu at the top of the page
  3. Enter a name for your new menu in the Menu Name box
  4. Click the Create Menu

We offer two types of menus which will display according to the header style selected.

  • Primary Menu
  • Top Menu

We offer Different Header Styles. A Header which displays a single menu on it will always display the primary menu.

Check out How can I change my Header?

Setting up Mega Menu

Writee Pro Offers three Mega Menu options:

  • Sub Categories + Posts : Display Sub-categories of the selected category
  • Recent post + Check also : Display posts of the selected category
  • Mega Links : Display Menu links in columns view


How to create a Category page and Menu

Category Pages are dynamically generated by WordPress

  • You can create a category form WordPress Dashboard >> Post >> Category
  • To add Category as menu page go to WordPress Dashboard >> Appearance >> Menu, check the categories you want to choose as a menu and click add to menu



Homepage settings

After Activating Writee Pro Go to >> Customize and activate Kirki to gain full access to all the Pro features.



Your homepage can be set to display your latest posts or a custom static page. Latest Posts is default display mode. You can check if that is the chosen display in

WP Admin > Settings > Reading > Front page displays.

If you want to set a static page to be displayed as a homepage

  1. Select the option A static page > chose the page from the drop down you want to select as the Homepage.
  2. From the second drop down you can select the page on which you want to display all the posts.

BLOG PAGES SHOW AT MOST: You can adjust the number of posts you want to make visible on the Homepage

Don’t forget to hit the save button.


Custom HomePage Setings

How can I create a Custom homepage like Demo?

  1. Please select the page you want to set as Homepage
  2. Set template for the Page as “landing page”
  3. Enter Content which you want to display on the homepage in content area


Save the page

Homepage include the Following Sections

  1. Slider Area: You can go for a post slider or custom slider and select further slider settings form: Writee options >> Slider Settings.
  2. Featured Widget Area: the default widget used is CTA BOX, we can change the display setting from Writee options >> homepage settings and select the number of widgets we want to display at a time.
  3. Content Section: Content can be added to the page editor which is set as homepage
  4. Posts Sections: All the setting for posts section can be found at: Writee options >> homepage settings



Blog Layout Options

To customize how your homepage looks at the same time, including its layout, colors, enabling/disabling the sidebar, you can also go to

  •   Go to >> Appearance >> Customize >> Writty Options >> Blog Page Layout


Here you can manage layout and sidebar settings for your homepage, Archive/categories page(tag page, archive page, author page are managed from the same layout option), and search page.


LOGO Options

You can upload your logo or set tittle and tag line from Appearance >> Customize >> site identity.

You can also adjust the Logo top and bottom height and size of the logo form Appearance >> Customize >> Writee options >> Logo Options

HEADER Settings

Writee offers 4 type of header and option to enable and disable different section of the header.

There are three section in Writee Header

  1. Header Top Area
  2. Header Middle Area
  3. Header Bottom Area

Slider Settings

Using Writee Slider options you can create different types slider styles.

Writee offers Fixed and Full slider and you can also select the number of posts you want to show on a slider.


How can I Edit the slider image?

Writee is a blog theme and all the slider images are Blog post’s featured images. You can add a featured image to your post, by using “FEATURED IMAGE” option which is on the right side of Post editor window.

We offer two slider types

1. Custom Slider
2. Post Slider

Setting for slider can be selected from:

Go to your WordPress

Dashboard  >>  Appearance  >> Customizer  >>  Writee Options  >>  Slider settings >> Slider type  >>  Custom Slider or Post Slider.

Post Slider: Displays latest blog post featured as slider image. One can show specific post and categories Posts by entering the post/category ID value in the slider settings.

Custom Slider: Once you have selected custom slider you can create slider form

WordPress Dashboard  >> sliders >> add new slide

Rest of the slider setting will work form the customizer area.

Footer Settings

Writee Pro has two footer area i.e. Footer top (widget section) and Footer Bottom section which you can easily enable or disable as per your blog style.

Social Media Icons

You can add social icons on the Header from Appearance >> Customize >> Writee Options >> Social Settings

Social button Style: This option allows you to choose a style for the Social icons i.e.

  1. Default Color (Icons will have the black color by default)
  2. Theme Color (The Primary Color selected by the user)
  3. Icon Original Color (All the icons will have their default color)


To config Instagram images on Footer of your site, you need to do the following steps:

Please go to Appearance >> Customize >> Writee options >> Instagram Settings


Please go to Appearance > Widgets. You can drag & drop widgets on the left side to the sidebars on the right side for your purpose.
Soledad comes with 8 different custom widgets.